It’s rare to get the latest surveyor education delivered right to your neighborhood, but that’s what we’re doing with our traveling continuing educational programs. Choose from three different topics this spring and more events at the end of the summer. All events are approved by your state monitoring board. Earn valuable CEU’s to maintain your certification.

The Three Worlds of Surveying

(Includes optional 1 hour of Ethics during lunch break)

If you’re an experienced surveyor then you recognize the many hats you need to wear for each unique project.  This all new event examines all three aspects of the surveying profession: the technical world, the business world, and the legal world. The technical world includes statistics, minimum standards, and suggestions of embracing new technology. The business world involves incorporation, bookkeeping, the surveyor/client relationship, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills. The legal world involves understanding statutes and case law, discussions of what laws govern surveyors, and an in-depth discussion of negligence and professional liability.

1) Get a thorough review of each discipline and how surveyors will interact with each.

2) Get a refresher on computing statistics in Microsoft Excel.

3) Participate in an interactive discussion on surveying instruments and hear what everyone thinks about their differences and accuracies.

4) Work through a complete case brief along with explanations of each aspect of the brief.

5) Refresh your skills on business topics such as P&L’s, balance sheets and business plans.

6) Review how the legal profession is so closely integrated with surveyor projects.


November 10th, Corpus Christi TX (Click Here)

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When the three worlds of surveying collide there can be conflict.  With a better understanding of each you can deal with any conflicts you face more efficiently.

Expert Witness

(Includes optional 1 hour of Ethics during lunch break)

This seminar/workshop is designed to familiarize the practicing surveyor with the unique requirements placed on being used as an expert in litigation. Not all surveyors should qualify as experts. The instruction will discuss what differentiates experts from the “garden variety” surveyor and will offer suggestions on how to be.

1) List and describe at least three stages of a civil court case.

2) Understand the role an expert witness plays in a civil case.

3) Describe how an expert witness interacts with clients, attorneys and the court.

4) Explain three best-practices of expert witnesses in business and finances.

November 11th, Corpus Christi TX (Click Here)


About Your Instructor

Tony Nettleman is a Land Surveying Engineer who holds the distinguished position of assistant professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi, teaches continuing education courses for attorneys and land surveyors, and serves as an expert witness in boundary, easement, and title disputes.
Tony graduated with Honors at New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying Engineering, a Master of Science in Geospatial Engineering from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with honors, a PhD in Geomatics at University of Florida, and a Juris Doctor at Florida International University.While attending various universities,  Tony has worked with several multi-national engineering firms in addition to teaching classes at Troy University, Florida Atlantic University, and University of Florida.
Currently, Tony serves as an assistant professor of Geomatics at Texas A&M Corpus Christi while lecturing for various profession groups and serving as an expert witness. He is licensed as a Florida attorney and a Florida professional surveyor.