WorkbookSlidesBox2The Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper State-Specific exam, otherwise known as the Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper Jurisdictional exam, will test your endurance! This 180-minute, 100 question exam may only cover six categories of questions, but it will leave your fingers sore from flipping through the statutes so many times.

NLC’s Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper (FL PSM) online test prep bundle will teach you about every statute covered by the Florida PSM exam. From 62-B, too 472, and everything in-between, NLC prepares you to pass the FL PSM exam on the first try. This course is designed to fully prepare you to gain the best possible results from your exam using slide decks, high-res video lectures, exercises and practice exam questions. We have what it takes to win. Best of all you can review the content again and again until you’re ready to take the Florida PSM exam.

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Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper (PSM): Welcome and Test Prep Tips

Welcome from Tony, PSM Exam Format, PSM Exam Topics, and PSM Test Tips

The PSM will not test your intellect, but it will certainly exhaust you both mentally and physically. Even though the Florida Jurisdictional exam is open book, passing can still be a major challenge because time goes by so quickly. This introductory module is designed to present what’s ahead in Dr. Nettleman’s online class program and help you prepare for the Florida Surveyor Jurisdictional exam.

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Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper (FL PSM): 62B, 161 and 177

Platting, Coastal Mapping and the Restoration of [Lost] Corners

Learn about the PLSS in Florida, coastal mapping along the shoreline and the requirements of survey plats created by Florida PSMs. This section covers Chapter 177; Pt. I, F.S. Platting Chapter 177; Pt. II, F.S. Chapter 161, F.S. Chapter 62B-33, and F.A.C. Chapter 177; Pt. III, F.S.

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Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper (FL PSM): 472

Land Surveying

Chapter 472 is likely the most important – and largest – statute that governs the practice of surveying in Florida. Learn about all the land surveying practices that PSMs must follow with slides, videos and quizzes!

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Surveyor Standards

Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper (FL PSM): 718


Florida’s condominium code is huge! But we as surveyors must find the sentences and paragraphs buried in this 100+ page document to ensure that we will the surveying requirements of multi-unit buildings and multi-building complexes. Find the nuggets of knowledge contained within the Condo Code with Dr. Nettleman right here.

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Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper (FL PSM): 5J-17

Adverse Possession

When you hear “5J-17”, the first thing you should think of is “standards of practice.” Although the name changed from “minimum standards” several years ago, this document provides the minimum technical requirements that every Florida survey must meet. Don’t skip this section!

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Survey types

Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper (FL PSM): 472 and 287.055

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – General Provisions; Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act

Learn how the DOACS, the parent of the Florida PSM board, operates and the business practices that Florida PSMs must follow in a series of videos, quizzes, discussions, polls and other powerful lessons that will help you better understand this topic.

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About Your Instructor

Tony Nettleman is a Professional Surveyor & Mapper (PSM), Attorney and Geospatial Sciences professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. In addition to teaching land surveying courses at TAMUCC, Tony also teaches test prep courses for surveyors, continuing education courses for attorneys and land surveyors, and serves as an expert witness in boundary, easement, and title disputes.

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