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surveyor-examtodayFully Updated Surveyor Test Examples

Presenting the latest 2017 surveyor prep material for recognized NCEES tests. Each book features an actual simulation of specific exams. Developed by surveyors and revised for the most recent testing format.   The NCEES FS and PS exams are some of the most challenging in any career field.

These books feature actual numbers of questions as featured on the real exams.  Question category percentages are similar as well.   Books include full explanations for each question to help you improve comprehension of each topic. All books are part of a comprehensive study package that can be viewed by CLICKing HERE.

ALERT – to those with older test examples: No longer is the PS exam strictly multiple-choice with only one correct answer. The majority of the new exam is still multiple-choice, but the new alternative question types

  • Multiple correct options: allows multiple choices to be correct
  • Point and click: requires a click on part of a graphic to answer
  • Drag and drop: requires a click on and drag items to match, sort, rank, or label
  • Fill in the blank: provides a space to enter a response to the question

Professional Surveyor Full Length Practice Exam

This book follows the PS exam which consists of 100 questions.  The actual test takes all day to complete so this prep tool is vital to your success. It follows the new Computer Based Testing method now used by NCEES, including the Alternate Type Questions that are featured on the exam.  This book is part of a complete test prep package.

ps-book-new-standTopics Include:

Legal Principles

Professional Survey Practices

Standards and Specifications

Business/Professional Practices

Types of Surveys

Federal/State/Local statutes & laws

Common/case law boundary principles

U.S. Public Land Survey System

Project planning


Responsibility for field procedures

Contracts / Risk Management / Ethics

Geodetic, hydrographic, construction, boundary surveys & more.


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Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor Full-Length Practice Exam

This book is written to simulate the Texas RPLS exam. The full-length practice exam is a mirror-image of the actual RPLS exam. Your hard-copy book comes with the same exam instructions as the real exam, contains a morning section with legal questions and a mini-analytical, and an afternoon session with a complex analytical hypothetical. NLC’s practice exam is built to prepare you for Test Day by also including the same question category percentages as the real exam.

Topics Include:

Statutory Law

Reading and Understanding Court Opinions

Adverse Possession

Creating and Conveying Land

Land Description Types

Priority of Calls

Sequential and Simultaneous Conveyances

Texas History

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Fundamentals of Surveying Full Length Practice Exam

This book follows the complete FS exam which consists of 110 questions so you’ll get a real feel for how the test will feel. The book includes the most recent Computer Based Testing process and includes the same topic weight as is in the real test.  You can buy the book separately or the complete FS study package.


Topics Include:


Basic Sciences

Spatial Data Acquisition and Reduction

Survey Computations and Computer Applications

Statistics and Adjustments


Boundary and Cadastral Survey Law

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Survey Processes and Methods

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Graphical Communication and Mapping

Professional Communication

Business Concepts


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Florida Professional Surveyor & Mapper Full-Length Practice Exam

The Florida PSM Jurisdictional exam has been created introduce you to all the Florida statutes that you need to know in order to pass the PSM exam on the first-try. This full-length, hard-copy exam consists of 100 questions on the Florida statutes applicable to PSM including 5J-17, 62B-33, 172, 472, 718, and more. This practice exam has the same number of questions as the actual exam and was built with the Florida PSM exam blueprint, so applicants will get to experience the same types of questions and same category percentages.

Topics Include:

Land Surveying (472)

Florida Standards of Practice (5J-17)

Condominiums (718)

Adverse Possession (95)

Platting Coastal Mapping and Restoration of Corners (62B-33, 161. & 177)

DOACS and Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act (472 & 287.055)

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About_tonyTony Nettleman graduated with Honors at New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying Engineering, a Master of Science in Geospatial Engineering from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with honors, a PhD in Geomatics at University of Florida, and a Juris Doctor at Florida International University.

While attending various universities, Tony has worked with several multi-national engineering firms in addition to teaching classes at Troy University, Florida Atlantic University, and University of Florida.

Currently, Tony serves as an Assistant Professor of Geomatics at Texas A&M Corpus Christi while lecturing for various profession groups and serving as an expert witness. He is licensed as a Florida attorney and a Florida professional surveyor.