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Text Books and Historical Reprints for Surveyors

Welcome to the NLC Inc. Recommended Library of Surveying Professional Books.  We have put together a few of the most popular titles used in the industry.  Choose from the links below to find a wealth of professional knowledge and advice from some of the best Surveyor minds.

Historical Book Reprints

geodessia book for surveyors


by John Love

Geodesia, written by John Love, is a must-have for any surveyor’s library. Love uses equal parts of the book to discuss surveying instruments, mathematical formulas, and most importantly, the role of the surveyor and his professional duties.

Although this book was written several centuries ago, it’s lessons of duty and ethical obligations of the professional surveyor ring true in the 21st century.

compleate surveyor book

The Compleat Surveyor

by William Leybourn

The Compleat Surveyor, by William Leybourn in 1657, fascinates modern readers by the author’s detailed descriptions of surveying practices in the 17th century. Learn about how plane tables, theodolites, circumferentors, and peractors were used to survey the Golden Age of Europe.


Featured Text Books

clark on surveying book

Clark on Surveying and Boundaries

by Walter G. Robillard, Lane J. Bouman

Since 1922, generations of lawyers & surveyors have worked out the legal pitfalls of retracing original surveys & reestablishing lost & obliterated corners using the late Frank Emerson Clark’s classic work A Treatise on the Law of Surveying & Boundaries. The Seventh Edition of Clark on Surveying & Boundaries maintains the proven, easy-to-use format of earlier editions while digesting the latest case law, regulations, & statutes. Cited in decision after decision, Clark on Surveying & Boundaries is recognized by surveyors & lawyers as the authoritative reference on surveying & subdividing public lands.

browns boundary control book

Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal Principles

by Walter G. Robillard, Donald Wilson

Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal Principles continues to be one of the most popular surveying books.  Recently updated to account for new technology and standards the book has the information you need to continue your surveying career.  Now includes information from  water boundary expert George Cole as a contributor to revamp information on Riparian and Littorial Boundaries. New appendix has been features comprehensive list of surveying books that have been referenced in court cases and legal decisions. Required reading for those taking Fundamentals of Land Surveying licensure exam.

book evidence and procedures for boundary location

Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location

by Walter G. Robillard, Don Wilson

Professional surveyors and many civil engineers must understand the laws of boundaries and the evidence necessary for efficient and accurate boundary determination. This new edition of the preeminent text/reference on the subject is brought completely up to date, with new material on the use of technology in surveying and its legal ramifications, the use of forensic investigative techniques in the discovery of obscured evidence, new case law examples throughout, and new exhibits help illustrate the concepts presented.