There Are Many Types of Land Disputes

Choosing a land surveying expert witness and consultant is difficult because weighing the potential experts is not a simple task. How much does national experience matter? Is this person a subject-matter expert in my type of dispute? Does this person need to be a Registered Land Surveyor?  How many books, articles and other documents has he/she published? Do I really want a hired gun?

All these questions are important to consider before choosing a land surveying expert witness.

National Experience

Often times, a land surveyor employed by neighbors show “competing” survey and boundary lines. But if two surveyors show the property boundary in two different locations, which one is correct? Having an expert that can rise above local disputes and apply his/her survey principles to solve the problem at hand can be invaluable.

Tony has worked in over twenty states solving boundary, title and easement disputes. Contact him today to learn more.

Subject-Matter Expert

A land surveyor typically focuses on one type of survey for the majority of their career. But being boundary surveyors, topo surveyors, construction, etc does not necessarily make someone a subject-matter expert. Having a strong educational foundation, lots of experience, staying up-to-date with current developments and being an active member of surveying societies demonstrates key knowledge in our profession.

Dr. Nettleman has three surveying degrees and a law degree, has spent over fifteen years surveying, regularly researches and publishes, and is active at all levels of the surveying profession. Let him use those skills to solve your dispute.

Published Authority

Knowledge has no value unless you share it. Experts serve as published authorities in their field of expertise by publishing textbooks, academic articles, and trade-journal guest columns. Through these written mediums, a land surveyor shares their past experiences and new ideas with the other professionals in the field of practice.

Dr. Nettleman is a contributing author on two of the popular legal aspects textbooks, has published over a dozen academic articles, and regularly writes guest columns for surveying trade magazines. Contact him for a list of publications today.

Not a Hired Gun

Hired guns exist to produce testimony that benefits the individual paying the expert. Shockingly, these people have been referred to by a variety of derogatory names and phrases in open court. Judges and juries can spot a hired gun quickly and understand their lack of credibility.

Dr. Nettleman serves as a full-time university professors, teaches dozens of continuing education courses every year, and publishes for the benefit of the profession. He serves as an expert in fewer than five cases per year. If you would like to be considered as one of those cases, please contact him below.

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