Initial Consultation: A review of all important documents related to your case and a follow-up phone call

Every potential client receives an initial consultation before an engagement letter is signed. During the consultation, Dr. Nettleman speaks with the attorney and/or property owners to learn about their circumstances, determine their needs, and appreciate their desired outcome. Next, Tony reviews all available documents and records as well as performs some basic research on his own. Finally, the parties meet via WebEx or telephone to discuss Dr. Nettleman’s initial findings. Every follow-up ends with a determination of whether Dr. Nettleman can help you resolve your dispute.

Records Review: A thorough search for all potential sources of evidence

Finding important documents is the most essential pre-trial phase in a land dispute. Tony has cultivated a nationwide network of land record databases including government clearinghouses, local courthouses, collections of aerial photos, and more. He can locate the hard-to-find records that are essential to your dispute.

Research: Court Cases, Statutes, and Regulations

The requirements for any type of land survey – and the conduct of a professional land surveyor – are dictated by court cases, statutes, and regulations. Dr. Nettleman teaches these sources to his students and maintains a collection of laws that can help you better understand your problem at hand.

Site Visit: A first-hand examination of the property

The job of the land surveyor is to find all available written evidence, use that evidence to conduct a field survey, and then use the legal principles of land surveying to harmonize the written word with the existing occupation. Have you ever heard of a land surveyor that never visits the property? I hope not. At least one site visit to every disputed property is required by Dr. Nettleman because first-hand observations are often critical in solving disputes. By visiting the property and conducting a survey using his own methods, equipment, and field crew, Dr. Nettleman has found original survey corners and other important evidence that were never previously uncovered.

Pre-Trial Preparation: Lining-up all your bowling pins

The months before the trial are often the most critical. Dr. Nettleman helps clients during motion practice by providing affidavits, working with the attorneys to find applicable case law, and preparing exhibits that illustrate key survey evidence. One of the most important pre-trial activities is drafting the expert report. Dr. Nettleman has authored dozens of expert reports that include on-the-ground surveys, explanations of important survey monuments or defects in the record documents, and solutions to problems that are grounded in industry-standard surveying textbooks, cases, and statutes.

The Trial: The presentation of the expert’s findings

No opposing counsel has ever raised a Daubert challenge to Dr. Nettleman’s expert testimony. Acting as a teacher and educator – instead of another lawyer – sets Dr. Nettleman apart from other experts. Tony’s first objective during trial is to clearly, objectively explain the problem, the facts, and land surveying principles. By educating the decision-makers about surveying knowledge, and how surveying principles help decide the issue at hand, the judge and/or jury feel empowered and can make better, more-informed decisions.