Land Surveying Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services for All Types of Land Disputes from a Professional Surveyor and Attorney.

Nationally Recognized Expert Witness

Professor, Author, Consultant

Consulting2Dr. Tony Nettleman has been serving as an expert witness and land boundary consultant for over fifteen years. His studies leading to a PhD in geomatics as well as a JD set him apart from any other land surveying expert. And his dual licensure as an attorney and professional land surveyor & mapper demonstrate his competency.

Tony specializes in real property disputes including issues regarding land boundaries, title, easements, and water boundaries. He has worked with clients throughout the United States in all four types of disputes and brings the knowledge from previous disputes to aid in your own litigation.

Title, Boundary, Riparian and Professional Negligence

Dr. Nettleman has served as an expert witness in dozens of land disputes involving title issues, boundary disputes, questions of riparian rights and land surveyor negligence.

Title Issues. Questions of land title may involve grantors that conveyed the same tract to multiple grantees, individuals that own property subject to encumbrances like easements, or other issues in the chain-of-title. Dr. Nettleman’s specialized land research experience and author-authority bring credibility to any case.

Boundary Disputes. Land boundary disputes often involve competing record and field evidence. Therefore, knowing which forms of evidence control is essential when solving any boundary dispute. Dr. Nettleman teaches several boundary location university and professional courses and also authors three of the leading boundary location textbooks. Bring that knowledge to your dispute by contacting Tony below.

Riparian Rights. Ambulatory, the term for water boundaries, comes from the Roman word for “moving.” When locating a constantly changing boundary, expert-knowledge is essential. Dr. Nettleman wrote his dissertation on riparian boundaries and now offers those lessons learned to his expert clients.

Professional Negligence. Lack of adequate research and ignorance of basic surveying principles is one of the leading causes of title and boundary disputes between neighbors. Dr. Nettleman has authored dozens of opinions regarding the accuracy of land surveys and continues to offer services in civil suits and complaints to state licensing boards. If you would like a survey reviewed, contact Dr. Nettleman below.