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Property disputes come in many forms. Examples include individuals litigating the ownership rights of a property (land title), the location of the ownership line that separates them from one (land boundary), one’s right to use the land of another easements) or even riparian or littoral boundaries. No matter your dispute, Dr. Nettleman is available to help solve your dispute using his extensive education and experience.

Land Title

Ownership of land ownership rights, otherwise known as land title, is often disputed due mistakes in a property’s chain-of-title, poorly written conveyances, or the grantor deeding more than they actually owned. Dr. Nettleman has extensive experience in researching title records in county, state and federal
clearinghouses for over a decade. Contact Dr. Nettleman below to learn about how he can help you resolve your title issues.

Land Disputes Land Title
Land Disputes Easements


Non-possessory rights – otherwise known as easements, licenses, real property covenants, and equitable servitudes, are some of the most heavily disputed and litigated topics of land surveyor practice and land law. When a person is allowed to use the land of another, these land-sharing arrangement breeds conflict. Dr. Nettleman, Professional Land Surveyor, has helped many clients resolve easement and covenant issues. Contact him today to learn how he can help you.


Land surveyors locate boundaries by researching the written records for the subject property and its adjoinders, performing on-the-ground field surveys to search for, and the reconciling the written and physical evidence to find the true boundary of the property. But when the written and physical records conflict or are ambiguous, boundary uncertainty follows. Let Dr. Nettleman, Professional Land Surveyor, help unravel the mystery by contacting him below.
Land Disputes Land Boundaries
Land Disputes Riparian Ownership

Riparian Ownership and Use

Locating the waterfront ownership or properties is difficult! These waterfront lines are constantly moving and shifting. Did your property experience a build-up of sediment or a major allusive event? Even more evidence is required before finding the boundary. These subjects can be some of the most frustrating and time-consuming land disputes. Even more important than riparian ownership, is the allocation of docking rights. There are many methods to allocate riparian use between neighbors, and choosing the correct method is critical to properly locating lines of use. Contact Dr. Nettleman today to discuss all the riparian allocation methods available to you.

Standards of Practice

Everything a land surveyor is required to do is dictated by survey textbooks, state case law, and statute. The majority of surveyors practice within these rules and do a great job. But some surveyors injure their clients by failing to meet minimum standards. Determining if the surveyor met their professional duty can often be difficult and confusing. Dr. Nettleman has testified for both plaintiffs and defendants concerning land survey negligence and professional responsibility issues many times, contact him today to learn more about what land surveyors are required to do.

Land Disputes Standards of Practice
Land Disputes Court Gavel

Expert Fees

Post-trial relief for expert witness fees can require as much time and effort as the trial itself. Dr. Nettleman has produced written reports and given testimony concerning the reasonableness of expert fees in engineering, surveying and other professional-expert cases.

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